Soul Boosting Retreat

Chi Kung & Meditation Retreat Portugal 2018


Chi Kung & Meditation Retreat Soul Boosting Retreat

During the week you will cultivate wisdom & authenticity through meditation, movement, breathwork, reflective exercises, connection, & group work.


Product Description

Chi Kung and Meditation Retreat Soul Boosting Retreat  6th – 13th September 

Chi Kung & Meditation – Soul boosting retreat. Where you will Learn To Live In The Flow Of Life.

Enjoy a beautiful, restorative & meaningful week. Leave with tools you can use for your
whole life. Deepen your relationship with yourself and what really matters. Create connections and friendships that you will never forget.

During the week you will cultivate wisdom & authenticity through meditation, movement, breathwork, reflective exercises, connection, & group work.

Suitable for all levels of experience including beginners.


The World needs Inspirational People who are committed to;

Heart Centred leadership









Organisational change





Work, life balance and play

Life always offers you an opportunity for greater consciousness if you are able to see that everything in your life is an ally for your growth.

The Retreat will be facilitated by Aisha Ali and Goldie Sayers

Aisha Ali brings over 20 years clinical experience working with couples, individuals & groups. She is known for her intuitive insight and skill at getting to the core of issues helping people transform their relationships and life. Aisha brings a warmth of heart and depth of sincerity to her healing work that’s quite unique.

Goldie Sayers a three-time Olympian, performance consultant and Board member of British Olympic Association Athlete Commission. Coach to Olympic Athletes and qualified personal trainer, specialising in mobility and injury prevention. She is passionate about high performance, encouraging people to be the best they can be, to enjoy life and realise their potential.

Making better decisions 

The retreat has been designed to move you back into balance, giving you space and time to be the best you can be.
Working from the inside out, we aim to align and connect you to your mind / body, your intuition and your authenticity.  Consciousness is based on;

  • Trust
  • Compassion
  • Stability
  • Hope

This Encourages decisions that are life enhancing, collaborative, empowering, and based on healthy relationships, vitality and balance.

When you make decisions from fear based emotions and thought, you seldom make choices that are live enhancing, collaborative, empowering, or based on healthy relationships, vitality and balance.

Fear in both mind and body keeps you trapped in a cycle of repetition which disconnect you from your environment and body, inhibiting your productivity and ability to grow in a conscious way.

Aisha will guide you and share practical wisdom with you to help you access your innate ability to lead a more conscious life.

During the week you will cultivate wise leadership & authenticity through meditation, Chi Kung, movement, breath work, reflective exercises, connection and group work.

  • Develop steadfast faith and a firm belief in the integrity, ability, effectiveness and genuineness of yourself and the world.
  • Increase your capacity for joy and restfulness in a peaceful and quiet way that makes you relax
  • This experiential week allows you  to come face to face with the behaviours that are holding you back from consciousness in all areas of your life.

The morning session will usually consist of a hike, breath work and Chi Kung; the afternoon sessions will be a mixture of meditation and various group exercises centred on healing and leading from the heart.

There will be time for reflection, interactive exercises and ample time to enjoy the beauty of the environment.

Learn to Live and Lead In The Flow Of Life

By deepening your listening skills you create a nourishing environment where you can relax, grow your self-awareness, increase your emotional intelligence, and discover how to lead from the heart.

This retreat is for men and women who want to develop themselves, develop greater resilience, implement healthy boundaries, show compassion, and create meaningful change in the world.

You will leave with a toolkit of new skills, insights and sustainable practices that integrate peak performance, vitality, balance, and joy at work and home.

Engaging and Embodying your Mind, Body and Soul

What is included:

  • Seven Nights full board accommodation
  • Abundant, delicious, local and organic food and non-alcoholic beverages: three healthy gourmet meals a day. Alcoholic drinks carry additional charge.
  • Additional one to one sessions are available on request for an extra charge.

Prepare to:

  • Enjoy a beautiful, restorative & meaningful week.
  • Leave with tools you can use for your whole life.
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself and what really matters.
  • Create connections and friendships that you will never forget.
  • Embrace your full potential, power and presence
  • Expand your vision
  • Take full responsibility for all areas of your life
  • Create an empowered network and community around you
  • Develop practices that support your ongoing personal development and growth
  • Discover an understanding of the unconscious roles and patterns that keep you from being a conscious leader.

You will leave with specific tools and practices to support you ongoing growth.

This retreat will be facilitated by Aisha Ali 

Space is limited to 8 people for this transformative week!

A range of intuitive and energetic Mind/ Body approaches and techniques will be utilised that will  shift stress states into vitality   The environment lends itself to healing mind, body and spirit.

There is plenty of time to rest, relax, play, walk the woodlands, or simply laze by the swimming pool.

The Venue is located in Central Portugal between the towns of Tomar and Sertã and near the small town of Cernache do Bonjardim. The nearest Airport is Lisbon which is approximately 1 hour and 45 mins away from the venue. Set in a tranquil location in the forested hills of Central Portugal, just 3 km from the beautiful ‘Castelo de Bode’ lake and 8 km from the small town of Cernache de Bonjardim.
Swimming pool
The swimming pool is surrounded by an L-shaped tiled terrace plus a lawned area where guests can enjoy views of the hills and surrounding countryside. The pool is filled with salt water and uses an electrolysis cell system to convert the salt into chlorine, which results in very low levels of both which are kinder to your hair, skin and eyes.
Walking The rural location lends itself to walking where you can immerse yourself in the wonderful sights, sounds and smells of nature and the forest. There is a short walk around the valley of approximately 1.5km / 1 mile. Two guided walks can be arranged through the forest; to the lake or to São Macario church on top of a nearby hill with breathtaking panoramic views. Both trails are about two hours long
Rowing boats / Kayaking
A wonderful way to enjoy the lovely views from the water. Rowing boats and kayaks can be hired in Dornes during summer, is a small, beautiful historic village and sits on an enchanted peninsula. The stone cottages are built on hilly cobbled streets. Overlooking the village is an unusual 5 sided tower and church. It was built by the Knights Templar as a watchtower and defensive bastion for the region during the Christian re-conquest. In the 16th century, a more peaceful period, it was adapted into a bell tower for the neighbouring mother church. From here you have spectacular views of the river, which curls around 3 sides of the peninsula and the surrounding green hills. Dornes is a 5 minute drive from the venue.Participants will travel to Lisbon to meet a transfer.

The fee per person is £995.00 on a shared basis, single room supplements apply. This includes full board accommodation, it includes all sessions The price excludes flights and additional excursions and transfers.


Please be sure to take out travel insurance before your journey.

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