Creative Unfold

InstructorAisha Ali
TypeOnline Course
DateSep 20, 2017
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Being in a state of Flow

When there is order in your consciousness. You can experience FLOW.
This happens when your energy or attention invested in realistic goals, and when your skills match opportunities for action and you are able to make them.
When you pursue a goal with awareness, concentration and attention on the task in hand you may momentarily forget everything else.
This is a state of flow. These moments are achieved through overcoming challenges that take you away from making direct contact with life. When you experience these moments they can be the most enjoyable times of your life.
Everything you experience—joy or pain, interest or boredom—is represented in the mind as information. If you are able to control this information, you can decide what your lives will be like.

“Flow” is the way people describe their state of mind when consciousness is harmoniously ordered, and they want to pursue whatever they are doing for its own sake