The Art of Self Care | online course | 7 Steps

InstructorAisha Ali
TypeOnline Course
DateSep 21, 2018
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A 7 steps online course that’s all about feeling connected and switched on!

Master The Art of Self Care On This Seven Step Online Course

On The Art of Self Care online course you will develop a personalised self care regime. Through focused themes and topics and a step by step guide you will learn to manage your emotional wellbeing with greater ease.

  • Guided meditations for centering and grounding
  • Restore and enjoy the essence of  loving experiences
  • Feel centred and balanced
  • Journal prompts to support you in connecting with your inner self
  • Create resilient inner strength
  • Intention setting for a purposeful, meaningful life
  • Daily actions and mindfulness techniques for staying on track and in energetic alignment


 Return to a sense of balance and calm from whenever life takes you. Feeling like you again, is a beautiful thing.


BONUS #1: Lifetime Access

You will automatically get lifetime access to the program. This means that the program will be there whenever you need it, in case you need more than 7 weeks to complete the program, or in case you want to do the course again in the future. You will have access to the members area where you will find guides to help you navigate your relationships.

BONUS #2: Direct Access to Me

With some online programs, you hardly get to interact with the teacher, if at all. With my program, I WANT you to interact with me . I’ll give you many ways to do this which includes a live group session with me. Get an invite to Aisha Ali’s  private (and secret) Facebook group for students working through The Art of Self Care.

BONUS #3: Revisions for Life

I plan to offer this program every year for many years, and I will continue to improve it with new videos, new materials, and new goodies.

BONUS #4: Accountability Sessions  

Being accountable to someone can make a HUGE difference in consistency. I’ll help you guide in one to one personalised sessions face to face online. When you  hold yourself accountable to someone for getting things done, meeting your deadlines and achieving the goals you set yourself. It provides more structure and feedback towards your goals. 

BONUS #5: Members Area 

Access to the members area where you will find more guides to help you navigate your relationships.


On-Demand Access. The Art of Self care Online Course is 100% online, so you can access it anywhere, anytime. Take this course on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.The course materials are available online for you to tune in at your own pace, helping you to bring More inner peace and calm into your Life.

Section 1Keeping it Real
Lecture 1Keeping it Real
Lecture 2Touching The Earth
Lecture 3Putting on the brakes
Lecture 4Conscious Breath
Lecture 5Emotional First Aid
Section 2Good Vibrations
Lecture 6Good Vibrations
Lecture 7Balancing Act
Lecture 8Energy in Motion
Lecture 9Your Vibration
Lecture 10The Hero's Journey
Section 3Clear Vision
Lecture 11Clear Vision
Lecture 12Energy Alignment
Lecture 13Egoctomy
Lecture 14Focus on Beauty
Section 4Mind Cleanse
Lecture 15Mind Cleanse
Lecture 16Inner Resilience
Lecture 17Wake Up
Lecture 18Your Emotions
Section 5Your Mind / Body
Lecture 19Mind / Body connection
Lecture 20 Ambition and Success
Lecture 21Psyche & Soma
Lecture 22Feeling
Section 6Freedom
Section 7Fullness Of Power
Lecture 24Power
Lecture 25 Decision making
Lecture 26Find your flow
Lecture 27Your Light