How long can I expect to be in therapy?

    That depends on several variables, including the:

    • Level of wounding you experienced during childhood as well as your partner if seeking couples work.
    • Amount of damage/hurt already experienced in your current relationship
    • Depth of your commitment and
    • Ability to apply what you learn between sessions when you are at home

    Aisha tends to move people fairly quickly into being able to manage the challenges and crisis that bring individuals and couples to therapy. By providing communication tools that resolve conflict, contain anger and create safety.  Some couples achieve the results they want in 10-12 sessions.  Other couples prefer a longer, psycho-educational approach.

    The length of therapy is determined by the issues you are working with or how hard you or you and your partner are motivated to work in therapy. Some clients will seek therapy for short-term change or relief, others will commit to longer term change. Some clients who have been in Therapy previously benefit from assistance built around occasional sessions designed to redirect their on-going process of change. In cases of infidelity, regular therapeutic work is required usually in the region 9 – 12 months.