Get the most out of therapy?

    The best therapy happens when a client and therapist get into a flow together, and the therapy feels almost as though it’s a continuous session. The biggest contribution a client can make to this process is commitment by investing their time, energy and effort during the session and outside of sessions through continuous reflection and application beyond the session.

    Regular sessions enable this to occur.

    Consider the conversations you have in therapy. Be honest and communicate your emotional reactions to sessions both negative and positive responses are an important part of your process and may offer important material for understanding your material in a deeper way to enable you to make a transition.

    Experiment in your life by making minor changes consistent with the work you are doing in therapy, share with your therapist the process and the outcome your triumphs and your challenges. Take appropriate risks inside and outside the session.

    Be engaged and willing to do the work. Do not anticipate a magical cure as change involves work on your self and a move towards taking 100% responsibility yourself and making lasting changes in your life.

    Sometimes part of the panacea is pain, or discomfort, or the memory of pain. This occurs only with healing in mind.

    Therapy is an experience that you play a major part in terms of shaping its direction.It is something you experience and are actively involved with, not something you attend and watch unfold from a distance. It is not a play or musical production you sit and observe, but instead a concert in which you are one of the musicians on stage yourself.