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    Aisha uses intuitive insight & a powerful combination of Mind/Body Practices to achieve optimal health in Relationships & in Mind, Body & Spirit. Psychotherapy & Counselling for couples & individuals.

    Awaken & Transform your Relationships

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    The program of Therapy, Workshops and Retreats can be easily introduced into your life. Each week I will be giving you mind / body exercises, tools and tips to help you live from the heart to improve and sustain your relationships and attract more love into your life.

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    When you live from the wisdom of the heart & mind, you become stronger, more authentic & loving, as you journey towards self-knowledge & an increased loving awareness of everything around you’ Aisha Ali founder of Living from The Heart.
    All Workshops & Retreats are suitable for individuals & couples who want to improve all aspects of their relationships.

    Wisdom of the Heart & Mind

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    There are a variety of Reasons Why Psychosexual Therapy May be undertaken by Couples and Individuals. Many people experience sexual difficulties or problems at some point in their lives. You are Not Alone. Problems are often caused by psychological rather than physical difficulties. Learn Tools and Skills to deepen and renew your connection. Learn to Build an enduring and deeply satisfying relationship.

    Psychosexual Therapy

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    Intensives are for couples who wish to nurture and feed their relationships whilst mastering the art of conscious relationships. Intensive sessions for Couples dealing with marriage & relationship crises, dilemmas, transitions, conscious uncoupling, changes, separation, affairs, infidelity, divorce, & premarital concerns. Help is given to turn things around.

    Couples Intensives

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    Join us on this ground-breaking program of Therapy, Workshops & Retreats.

    Aisha Ali founder of Living from The Heart has created a Powerful Program to Heal Yourself & Your Relationships. This unique approach Integrates Eastern & Western approaches to Healing Mind, Body & Spirit, Combining Psychotherapy, Breath work, Meditation & Energy Work.

    Some Recommendations

    • Aisha helped us through one of the most difficult times of our life. She has an incredible ability to listen to the individual and relate it to the couple. Thanks to her presence and attentiveness, she picked up on subtle but incredibly important issues, bringing to awareness and unlocking deep-rooted patterns. We feel really empowered after working with Aisha. Our marriage has a new consciousness. We are very grateful for her guidance and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

      Couples Therapy | Couples Intensives

      Couples Therapy

    • I have to say “Living with the heart” is an amazing experience to gain clarity of the mind 🙏

      I’m so grateful I have met you on my life path; you are a Fabulous Teacher 😍

      May the sunshine ☀️ shine within all of us…

      Peace and Love from Canada 🇨🇦

      December 2017

      Couples Intensives

    • Working with Aisha as a couple and at one of her weekend workshops has been very powerful. The work is at times challenging, but Aisha always brought a sense of calmness and clarity, as well as being very supportive which most definitely helped. Although we weren’t coming with a particular issue, we wanted to deepen our connection to each other, and also work out some practical ways to better understand each other and communicate more clearly. The tools we have learnt with Aisha have helped us to do that. In the sessions together we always left feeling more connected and more in sync, no matter what dramas had unfolded in between times. We would recommend working with Aisha.
      January 2018

      Couples Work

    • Deep, transformational, powerful, loving; my session with Aisha was AMAZING! She guided me intuitively through some very complex and difficult emotions I’ve been feeling my entire life which empowered me to find clarity and understanding and trust within. Aisha helped me find me, then get out of my own way. ~ Kathy Crabbe, Artist & Creative Soul Guide April 2015

      Psychotherapy For The Soul

    Life can become a painful mess when you become trapped in a Cycle of Despair, Conflict, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Addiction & Anxiety. The tendency to hold onto the familiar is to resist change and remain stuck at a threshold. It is the source of pain, dis-ease and distress that people experience. Suffering is the product of holding onto anything, which no longer serves us.

    Find Freedom

    Living from The Heart provides Consultations, Workshops, Retreats to Help Individuals and Couples Make Sense of & Build Successful Relationships.

    Therapy, Workshops & Retreats for Couples & Individuals

    Couples Therapy, Couples Retreats, Intensives

    Transforming Relationships

    When Relationships do Not Make Sense & Anger, Resentment, Indifference, Control or other Destructive Behaviours are evident in your relationship. Living from The Heart will teach you some powerful tools to transform your relationship, leading to greater intimacy & relational maturity.

    Individual Therapy

    Meditation and Psychotherapy

    Are You Feeling stuck in your life? Looking for meaning or purpose? Seeking to release old patterns that have blocked you from experiencing Love, potential and joy? You can Shift into Healing, Become more Conscious & Awakened. Build & Sustain the Life & Relationships that you desire.

    UK & WORLDWIDE for couples & Individuals

    Workshops & Retreats

    Can’t seem to build loving relationships? Discover how your beliefs about love & intimacy affect your relationships & ability to give and receive Love. Address persistent negative feelings of being unloved and being unlovable. Develop your capacity for Love and Compassion

    A Heart Centered Mind/ Body & Spirit approach

    Create New Heartful Possibilities in your Life.

    Understand the impact of your history and how negative patterns lead to emotional distress. Move from concern with problems to leading a more authentic life.
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    Experts in the Field Share their Knowledge

    Training & Supervison

    Living From The Heart can benefit your organisation from providing supervision, team building to managing change and conflict.
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