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    Professional help is offered to identify, understand and change negative relationship patterns. Build healthier patterns and establish solid foundations where Appreciation, Respect, Communication, Intimacy & Support can Thrive. Learn to connect through play, spontaneity & joy. Develop skills to strengthen your relationship & Resolve Conflict. Learn to manage life’s conflicts & challenges in a constructive and fulfilling way. Receive complementary membership to help you consciously bring love into your life.
    Life can become a painful mess when you feel trapped in a Cycle of Despair, Conflict, Co-dependency, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Addiction & Anxiety. When you hold on to old relationship patterns it can become a source of pain and suffering.

    Build Better Relationships & Find Freedom

    Living from The Heart offers Couples therapy, Relationship Therapy, Psychotherapy, Psychosexual Therapy, Counselling, Retreats, Couple Intensives & Workshops to understand & Build Successful Relationships

    Relationship Psychotherapy & Counselling, Couples Retreats, Psychosexual Therapy

    Couples Therapy London

    Aisha Ali founder of Living from The Heart has over 20 years clinical experience working with couples, individuals & groups. The approach is integrative combining Eastern & Western approaches to help you gain insight and recover from conflict. Support and challenge is offered to help you build skills and develop tools to maintain and repair a loving relationship to be better equipped embark on your journey to more fulfilling life as an individual or in a couple. 

    Receive complimentary - to consciously bring more Love into your life

    Couples Therapy, Couples Retreats, Psychosexual Therapy, Intensives

    Transforming Relationships

    When Relationships do Not Make Sense & Anger, Resentment, Indifference, Control, Destructive Behaviours or Co dependancy are symptoms of underlying diffculties with relationships. Learn how to improve and create greater connection in your relationships.

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    Individual Therapy, Psychosexual Therapy, meditation

    Meditation and Psychotherapy

    Are You Feeling stuck in your life? Looking for meaning or purpose? Seeking to release old patterns that have blocked you from experiencing Love, potential and joy? You can Shift into Healing, Become more Conscious & Awakened. Build & Sustain the Life & Relationships that you desire.

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    UK & WORLDWIDE for couples & Individuals

    Workshops & Retreats

    Find space for R&R. Can’t seem to build loving relationships? Discover how your beliefs about love & intimacy affect your relationships & ability to give and receive Love. Address persistent negative feelings of being unloved and being unlovable. Develop your capacity to be loved and love. Learn to be in the flow of life.

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    Heart Centered Mind/ Body & Spirit approach

    Create New Heartful Possibilities in your Life.

    Understand the impact of your history and how negative patterns lead to emotional distress. Move from concern with problems to aliveness and presence.
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    Consultants in the Field Share their Knowledge

    Training & Clinical Supervision

    Living From The Heart can benefit your organisation from providing conscious leadership programs, supervision, team building to managing change and conflict.
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    Living from The Heart Guide to Books

    • Aisha Ali / May 6, 2020 / no Comments

      Transforming The Deepest Shadow & Healing Collective Trauma Releasing Collective Trauma in the wake of the unforgettable. Conscious, Empowered Relationships…

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      Alchemy happens through a loving heart

      The “outer reflects the inner” and therefore the more you hide through denial, distractions, and by remaining unaware of negative internal patterns the more turmoil and chaos there is in the outer world.

      To heal, You need to heal yourself and return to your true nature, beyond the masks of social conditioning; to a state of purity and wholeness a Golden State.

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      Couples Intensives, focus on the core problems that exist between two people who would like the relationship to work, but feel stuck as to how to make positive changes.
      These sessions last over a morning or afternoon and can run over several days depending on your needs as a couple.

      Please contact Aisha to discuss your requirements


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