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Complimentary Access to Heart Centred Practices to Transform your Life & Relationships

“If you are a talented person it does not mean that you have received something, it means that you can do something” Carl Gustav Jung
Living from The Heart offers a process of growth, a wonderful alchemy between Eastern and Western approaches to healing and growth which gives you an opportunity to work with “the collective unconscious”, “archetypes”, “synchronicity” and the foundation of a spiritual legacy where you can find a whole crucible of ideas.

Dear You,

We are collectively on a journey towards growth and learning how to be more vibrantly alive. The intelligent approach of Living from The Heart offers a pathway towards greater  compassion and humanity. Collectively we are stronger when we recognise that  Gentleness is more powerful than force. 

The core values of Living from The Heart  offer a profound understanding that;

 (1) You are an incredible being who supersedes the sum of your parts.

(2) You are a cosmic being  having an existence in a uniquely human context, as well as in a cosmic ecology.

(3) You  are a conscious being, aware of being aware both of yourself and in the context of other people.

(4) You can make choices and are 100% responsible for your life.

(5) You can live your life with intention, aim towards your goals, and are aware that you can  create future events, and seek meaning, value, and creativity.

Heart Centred Practice is ready for you.

I look forwards to working with you 


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Grab your headphones, I have created a powerful mantra to Make Love work for you. These powerful phrases help you to transform your life by taking control of your experiences with the words you use and way you think and speak.  Listen ANYTIME, or put it on repeat. Take it for a walk. Do your household chores. Meditate on the tube. Turn any moment of your day into an opportunity to Make Love work for you and access your Highest Self. 

Use this for at least 21 days to maximise your success. Sign up for access to the members area and instantly receive your free track as a gift.

Learn the HOW of Heart Centred Practices 

MANTRA; I want you to plant these sacred powerful phrases in your psyche. These words are seeds for creating radical shifts. 
 LOVE is your true reality; the foundation of your  life. RADIANCE is the result of giving and receiving love. CONNECTION is feeling in touch with people who care about you. NOURISHMENT provides an infrastructure for filling your life with love, vitality and fulfilment  
JOY leads to Consciousness the Seed of All Creation

Bath in the energy of these words; and feel your nervous system relax.
Notice when these words and phrases become alive in your life; and offer thanks. Embody these as intentions and watch what comes into fruition.  To help you grow these seeds, I have made you mantra mix audio track. 
It’s 16 minutes of love.  These powerful phrases help you to transform your life by taking control of your experiences with the words you use and way you think and speak.