The Scared Path of Relationships

    Alchemy Of The Heart


    Alchemy happens through a loving heart

    The “outer reflects the inner” and therefore the more you hide through denial, distractions, and by remaining unaware of negative internal patterns the more turmoil and chaos there is in the outer world.

    To heal, You need to heal yourself and return to your true nature, beyond the masks of social conditioning; to a state of purity and wholeness a Golden State.

    Product Description

    Conscious, Empowered Relationships are a Sacred Path

    We are in a time of awakening where the nature of relationships are called into question.
    People are seeking love in one form or another, but have lost the sacred nature of relationships.

    As a result, more people are having relationships that at best are “safe,” and at worst are toxic.

    Are ready to commit to understanding how to change patterns of lifetimes and find the sacred within your Heart?

    Something really magical happens when we recognise what’s going on in our relationships. What once felt critical and judgemental can be transformed.
    When you see what other people are really showing you about yourself, you will experience a profound change.
    You will start to feel gratitude to the person who has hurt you so much, as you recognise just how much you have also hurt yourself. You will feel a natural forgiveness that comes from the heart and makes you softer, more open and more loving.
    And this will make you feel more alive, more your true self. As your heart opens and you are able to connect with love again, you naturally discover the authentic you, who so often feels trapped inside you.
    That trap was not created by the other person’s behaviour towards you. Their behaviour was, in reality, your way out of the trap, if you can see what is really going on.
    This is true alchemy – a transmutation of the darkest negativity into the brightest light. Your relationship problems are the key to open you up to your true nature.

    Multiple dates are available for this workshop over 2 hours

    Number are limited to small group of up to 4  – 6 people so there is enough quality time and attention.

    Venue: North London

    Relationships is one in which we are inspired to see the divine in another person, to experience oneness through the intimate connection of two.

    Sacredness is a felt experience. It’s a knowing deep within, a knowledge of who you are.

    We become ready for this sacred relationship at a very particular time in our lives—a time when we awaken to the sacredness within ourselves.

    A unique opportunity to meet and learn from Psychotherapist and spiritual teacher Aisha Ali