Essential relationship skills - Deepening Relationships and Communication Skills

    Conscious Relationships 23rd May 2020


    At the Heart of a relationship lives connection
    During this workshop you will explore beliefs and feelings that separate you from connecting. Meditative practices during the day will help cultivate energy, connection, trust, understanding, intimacy and love.

    Align your Energy 

    Start a conscious process where  habitual unconscious and energetic emotional patterns underlying stress are replaced with new, healthier patterns that establish increased emotional stability, mental clarity, and balance as a state of being.

    Product Description

    At the Heart of a relationship lives connection. Come on your own, or with a partner.

    • You will learn how to make your relationships loving, harmonious and healthy
    • During the day Meditation, Mind, Body practices will help cultivate trust, understanding, intimacy and love.
    • You will learn how to cultivate with your yourself and your partner.
    • You will learn skills and techniques to help your relationships thrive.
    • You will learn ways to transform obstacles in relationships.

    Conflict in itself is not a problem; it’s how you handle it. You can either create more harmony or more discord in the relationship.

    • The workshop will explore ways to become more aware of  negative patterns whilst replacing theses with more loving ways of being in relationships.
    • You will develop the capacity to recognize and accept differences from and similarities to other people thereby understanding ourselves and others better.

    Embracing difference leads us to a better understanding of relationships with our partners, family and friends.

    Dealing with conflict, and learning effective communication skills can help you to build more successful and loving relationships.

    Living from the Heart uses energy-based transformational psychotherapy combining breath work, energy work, yoga,  meditation, journalling, silence, mantra and periods of questions and sharing.

    Through discussions and moments of silence  during reflective exercises, you will identify difficulties and discover how your beliefs about love and intimacy affect your relationships. You will begin to navigate alternative approaches to making more conscious and intelligent decisions for managing your relationships (and life) to get the results you desire.


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