Awaken your energy

    Deepening Your Connections


    Experience Sacred & Transformational Meditation both Moving and Still, Energy Work and Breath Exercises

    Product Description

    Discover how to deepen your connections and experience more energy, more intimacy and more fearlessness in your life.

    Shakti is the creative energy of the universe Anything that has Shakti is alive, luminous and desirable.

    Shakti is the essence of vibrant health, feeling good in your own skin and feeling that your life has meaning and value.

    When you have Shakti you have the energy to engage with life in meaningful ways. Shakti empowers you to seek growth and change and to find purpose and fulfilment in everyday life. Shakti is the foundation for a conscious life.

    When Shakti is directed inwards it empowers you to raise your consciousness, to experience yourself as part of something greater.

    Ultimately, Shakti powers your spiritual growth and the awakening of consciousness.

    Many people know the language of Sex without knowing the language of Intimacy. Brene Brown says that vulnerability has three components – Risk, Emotional Exposure and Uncertainty. Learn to create the right environments for intimate relationships to flourish. Learn to reveal yourself without a mask.

    This workshop is open to all regardless of sexual orientation or if you are in a committed relationship or single.


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