SOS Monday


    SOS Mondays with Living from The Heart

    Will help  know who you are, what makes you happy, your strengths and weaknesses, what makes you tick, understanding that while you are not perfect, you can the best version of yourself.

    You will be encouraged to: Live truthfully, authentically, and honestly

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    SOS Mondays

    When you want to feel successful and courageous more than ticking boxes… When you want to save your soul and find freedom more than you want to please other people …
    When you want to feel good more than you want to look good … then you have your priorities in order.

    Divine inspiration that opens you to your desire which is at the root of your conscious impulse to evolve, the kind that will steer you to the life you long for most deeply.

    Enhance your conscious relationships to prosper and thrive.

    Strengthen and protect your inner space through guided meditative practices, to transform out dated patterns that block you from growing and becoming conscious.

    You will learn some powerful and transformative evidence based Living from The Heart teachings from Aisha, what you learn will be instantly applicable to the rest of you life.

    In times when the world is being flooded with ego centred metaphysical teachings, about positive thinking and positive expectations to manifest desires, it is refreshing to remember that there has always been a higher path, living from the heart.

    Such ultimate Path is about letting go of expectation, concerns about the results and”I centred thinking.”

    These evening retreats will introduce you some practices to manifest your creativity and potential through living from the heart .