Individually and collectively- in the wake of the unforgettable

    Transforming The Deepest Shadow & Healing Collective Trauma


    Product Description

    Transforming The Deepest Shadow & Healing Collective Trauma
    Releasing Collective Trauma in the wake of the unforgettable.
    Conscious, Empowered Relationships are a Sacred Path.
    We are in a process of ongoing evolution to grow in love, wisdom and consciousness
    We are in a time of awakening where the nature of our relationships with the earth, economic, political and community  systems  are called into question.
    People are seeking love in one form or another, but have lost the sacred nature of conscious relationships with each other and our selves.
    In this Online workshop  you will be surrounded by meditative healing vibrations with remote energy work to support you in relaxing, restoring, and renewing your entire being.
    Emerge  with a sense of balance and of the divine.
    Drawing from the most effective approaches to healing;
    Somatic Experiencing, Neuroscience, Psychotherapy, Meditation, Breath  and energy work, the healing power of creativity, myth, ritual and play.
    My colleagues and I  will be offering practical tools and techniques  for transforming collective and individual trauma.

    Who will you be as you emerge?

    Intense transformation occurs after being disoriented, confused and uncertain as to who you are now. 

    This begins with you reclaiming and rediscovering yourself.

    Reintegrating a new sense of identity of who you have been on your shadow journey during this time.

    You will be offered  guidance to connect with a  deeper understanding of the sacred feminine and masculine.

    Exploring how to come back into balance, when the world is  immersed in a patriarchal world view that is so much about disconnection, competition,  power over others and violence.

    • The pandemic is a message from the Earth and Cosmos, it is time to transform, wake up and heal and reconnect to the sacred feminine.
    • Create and sustain new  paradigms for conscious  living
    • Balance the energies of the sacred masculine and feminine
    • Honour all that you have learnt and reintegrate it with the remembrance that you are a part of the sacred web of life 
    • Move back to balance and harmony within a sense of being part of the collective.
    • You will be guided thorough this time of transformation so you can emerge with new ways to integrate new paradigms.

    This workshop will be led by Aisha Ali