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“We need to do right by our body, purify our relationships,  use our mind for creative freedom and not enslavement, 

free the soul from the ego, and undertake the spiritual journey.” Gabrielle  Roth

The road to well being and consciousness  begins with you; but it helps to know you are not alone. You can become empowered to help yourself and others when you feel a part of something larger.

People get stuck and set themselves up for failure because they buy into a limited or self defeating version of reality, and refuse to see their situation differently. The solution lies within, in the power of your imagination.
SOS Mondays podcasts will help you learn to live richer and more creative life, to make choices which lead you greater consciousness and energy.

Upgrade Your Spiritual Operating System SOS

The stronger your imagination, the less imaginary the results...

An essential teaching of Living from the Heart is about

One of the greatest crisis today, a crisis of Imagination…