Eco Therapy | Nature-based Psychotherapy |Therapy For The Soul 


We all stand upon the earth together. 

Bringing greater Consciousness  through connecting with nature and all of creation. Experience and expand profound spiritual and psychological self awareness rooted in divine truth, wisdom, and compassion. In nature you can find solutions that have been long pressing on your heart. 

When you change patterns held generationally, you become free to change those patterns within  yourself. Ancestral and generational  healing empowers not only the healing of past and present wounds but also the embodiment your deepest gifts. No matter where you  are from originally, ancestral connection is rooted in your cultural history.

Healing techniques have been successfully used for thousands of years to help people miraculously let go of old trauma, emotional wounds, hurts, self-sabotaging patterns, energetic blocks, illnesses, diseases and more.

Love is a force that has been described as the most powerful emotions of humanity. Honesty  and self Inquiry allows you to see yourself for who you really are. Authenticity helps you live in a manner so the you can pursue resonating paths. Openness grants you the ability to interpret more information. Love allows you to harmonise with your environment. By expanding your capacity to love you grow to the highest levels of enlightenment.  

Encountering nature embeds you in the present. `you are fully alive in each moment of experience. It also has the potential to connect you with the past. When you face the natural world, you are not so caught in your personal narratives, but  begin to appreciate the shared ground of your ancestors who, generation by generation, walked the same tracks and watched the same sky.

Your authentic self knows that to become more refined involves opening to new philosophies, knowledge, ideas, cultures, people, and environments, you can learn to understand deeper aspects within your reality