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    Innovative Psychotherapy & Counselling for Couples & Individuals

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    Welcome, I bring over 20 years of clinical psychotherapy experience working with couples individuals and groups to help you transform your relationships. My unique approach will help you develop emotional and psychological balance and inner peace. Relationships can be a catalyst for discovering your authenticity offering the potential for transformation. You will discover answers to questions that have been pressing on your heart.

    • Build loving relationships, create greater intimacy & better sex
    • Heal your relationships through creating joyful experiences
    • Gain peace and clarity through easy guided meditations
    • Create new ways of thinking, feeling and living.
    Couples Counselling, Couples Psychotherapy, Psychotherapy & Counselling in the North London Area for Professionals

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    Investing in Your Emotional Well Being Creates Loving Relationships and a Happier Peaceful Life.

    You can call me 07855 781 210

    Couples Psychotherapy | Relationship Therapy | Couples Counselling | North London | Crouch End | Couples Therapy | Online Course | Highgate

    Always start in the heart…

    Couples Counselling, Couples Psychotherapy, Relationship therapy, Psychotherapy & Counselling in the North London Area for professionals

    Contact me Now

    Investing in your Emotional Well Being creates Loving Relationships and a Happier Peaceful Life.

    You can call me 07855 781 210

    Highgate, N6 | Self Care | North London | Couples Psychotherapy | Couples Counselling | Crouch End | Relationship Therapy | London


    • Aisha, I just wanted to say thank you for the space that you hold. As a counsellor and coach myself I am in awe of the kind of spaces you need to hold in the realms of couples work.

      So much volatility and battling – it is pretty remarkable and I just wanted to thank you as I feel very safe in the sessions.

      I have no idea where it will take ‘us’ but nonetheless for me it has offered me much healing.

      Transformational Mentor, Spiritual Coach

      Couples Therapy | Conscious Relationships

    • The retreat gave me time and space to heal. Z.P Financial services

      Living from The heart retreats

    • A wonderful week of nourishment for the heart. S.S Writer

      Living from The Heart Retreats

    • ‘My experience started off as though I was blindfolded and let loose into a maze, as the week unfolded, I worked my way through it with guidance from Aisha and emerged through the other side with clarity and hope. ‘ JD Advertising executive

      Therapy for the Soul

    • ‘Living from The heart will put you in a situation where you are unable to run from issues an equip you with tools to overcome them. Thoroughly recommended.’ S. G IT consultant

      Living from The Heart Retreats

    • ‘It was a journey of wonder. Every moment gave me something new. Very day made me heart feel lighter, less broken and more full, rich and vibrant. I felt more alive by the time I left. Blessed and full of hope. I recommend it to anyone who loves adventure and discovery’. O.G Manager

      Living from The Heart Retreats

    • ‘When attending a living form the heart retreat you surrender your mind and body and psyche and heart. The plan and process is set up to lead you to a better place, even if that’s a lot of hard-work and heartache. My relationship with my husband has gone from a very cold, angry insensitive separation to a commitment to building a new loving friendship that might turn into a truer relationship’. H.A Paediatrician

      Couples Intensive

    • ‘The retreat gives a wonderful platform to explore relationship issues in a supportive and enjoyable environment.’ L.C Co-Founder & Director

      Couples Intensives

    • Aisha helped us through one of the most difficult times of our life. She has an incredible ability to listen to the individual and relate it to the couple. Thanks to her presence and attentiveness, she picked up on subtle but incredibly important issues, bringing to awareness and unlocking deep-rooted patterns. We feel really empowered after working with Aisha. Our marriage has a new consciousness. We are very grateful for her guidance and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

      Couples Therapy | Couples Intensives

      Couples Therapy

    • I have to say “Living with the heart” is an amazing experience to gain clarity of the mind 🙏

      I’m so grateful I have met you on my life path; you are a Fabulous Teacher 😍

      May the sunshine ☀️ shine within all of us…

      Peace and Love from Canada 🇨🇦

      Couples Intensives

    • Working with Aisha as a couple and at one of her weekend workshops has been very powerful. The work is at times challenging, but Aisha always brought a sense of calmness and clarity, as well as being very supportive which most definitely helped. Although we weren’t coming with a particular issue, we wanted to deepen our connection to each other, and also work out some practical ways to better understand each other and communicate more clearly. The tools we have learnt with Aisha have helped us to do that. In the sessions together we always left feeling more connected and more in sync, no matter what dramas had unfolded in between times. We would recommend working with Aisha.

      Couples Work

    • Deep, transformational, powerful, loving; my session with Aisha was AMAZING! She guided me intuitively through some very complex and difficult emotions I’ve been feeling my entire life which empowered me to find clarity and understanding and trust within. Aisha helped me find me, then get out of my own way. ~ Kathy Crabbe, Artist & Creative Soul Guide

      Psychotherapy For The Soul

    • An amazing opportunity to connect with the divine within and realise that at our core we are all love. Through knowing that we can go out into the world and express our desires and vulnerabilities in healthy ways.


    • This weekend was a great way to reconnect to myself away from everyday life, and to work on sensitive and difficult issues within the dynamics of a group. Aisha managed to both support and challenge appropriately and sensitively and was a containing presence throughout the two days. I would wholeheartedly recommend attending one of her weekends.

      Preparing Mind Body & Soul for Love

    • It was very useful and empowering.

      It was enjoyable being in the group and relaxing around the pool.

      The retreat allowed me to work with others and learn more about myself.

      It was a wonderful experience, the venue was perfect.

      The Retreat in Italy La Rosa Dei 4 Venti Puglia

    • Liberating, inclusive, confidence-building and safe.
      A useful and worthwhile experience that was safe and nurturing.
      Above and beyond my expectations.

      Celebrating Sexuality March

    • The combination of having a group and a therapist with whom I felt truly safe and supported enabled me to think in a way and take risks that i didn’t previously think possible.

      The Art of Intimacy

    • Because of the kindness and generosity of the group I feel I have grown enormously in my spiritual development and authenticity, joy and newly discovered ability to make music.

      Living From the Heart Retreat France

    • Excellent. It was a very real and profound experience made three dimensional by an excellent group and people. It was very real, integrated, life changing experience in a very supportive shared space.


    • A wonderfully safe and supportive group dynamic that enabled me to do the deepest work yet. Powerful, healing, revitalising, restorative and provocative in a good way.

      Healing From the Heart Retreat

    • Indescribable! Very uplifting, it put me in touch with parts of my being I hardly knew existed, a major life experience.


    • LFTH was challenging, full of light, laughter and deep significance for me. I gave me an opportunity to bond with nature and myself in a safe and sacred way.

      Living from The Heart Retreat | Italy

    • It was a journey of truth and inspiration. Peaceful, enlightening, refreshing and loving. I left realising compassion must begin with myself before I can extend it to others. Revelations

      LFTH participants March Spring Equinox 2006

    • I especially liked the space, it was very easy to relax and enter into a deep meditative state. I liked how relaxed and open the facilitator was- and how patient and attentive the group was.

      LFTH Participant London November 2005

    • It was a really lovely thing to do and gave me space to explore and feel. I feel it definitely kick started a process and gave me some insight, particularly into my relationships.

      Living from The Heart Retreat

    • I feel that there has been a series of shifts in my inner world and there is a greater sense of hope. It is like I have located a sacred part of me. I feel a fullness I can’t quite explain except to say I have experienced loving feelings without being afraid.

      LFTH Participants May 2005