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Couples Therapy for professionals in the North London Area

What can you do? 

When relationships do not make sense, when anger, indifference, control or other destructive behaviors are painfully evident in your relationship. You can decide to make a positive change. It’s up to you. 

I offer professional high feedback and low nonsense relationship therapy and coaching. In addition to working with couples, I offer hope to individuals, even when it seems your partner is unwilling to cooperate.You can single-handedly transform your relationship. People from all over the world schedule face-to-face, online and telephone sessions as well as attending intensives and retreats in person.

Couples Psychotherapy | Relationship Therapy | Couples Counselling | North London | Crouch End | Couples Therapy| Highgate

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‘Thanks to Aisha’s beady eye, we had a firmer grasp of our ‘ issues’ – my nagging, Sebastian’s emotional unavailability and stonewalling.

The invitation was to find not our faults but “our best hopes” for the future, and ways to meet them’. Catherine Blythe



A fly on the wall

Insights from my daily work with Couples

I help couples create a positive vision of the relationship they want. I help them develop a roadmap to bring their creation into reality.

Many couples come in having never considered their personal vision for a happy long-term relationship. They struggle with having realistic models of what a healthy relationship looks like.

The business world breeds anxiety and depression. I understand that ambition eats good relationships for lunch. I have helped fix many of them.

Many people begin couple’s therapy wanting to communicate better, but they are not sure why communication became difficult in the first place. I help couples understand why communication is breaking down so you can prevent and resolve conflict. I help you change patterns that do not work anymore.

Some couples arrive in crises dealing with changes, infidelity, grief, loss, illness or the birth of a child. They need fast tools to cope and to regain some stability so they can carry on with everyday living. I can work with you in short-term, brief, solution focused therapy for crises.

Many couples wait too long to come in for therapy. By the time they sit on my couch they’re already hopeless or enraged. I advise you to come in as soon as you’re feeling stuck, because years of built-up resentment hinder change and growth.

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Investing in couples therapy offers a deeper, sexier and happier connection with your partner.

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Couples Psychotherapy | Relationship Therapy | Couples Counselling | North London | Crouch End | Couples Therapy| Highgate


You will learn how to create satisfying relationships 

I work in a highly supportive way, respecting and responding to your needs. I will guide you in the process of honest exploration of the issues that you face, providing tools to dissolve difficulty and transform your relationship. 

The process is based on exploring relationships as a sacred path. Far from being an obstacle to your personal growth and development, relationships can be a catalyst for discovering your authenticity. When you “fall in love” your deepest need to be seen and understood is awoken.

I work internationally and specialise in working with relationships with individuals and couples in marital and relational crisis, helping you to  discover what has to happen for you to overcome challenges and build a successful relationship, no matter what has occurred.

My clients lead diverse lifestyles and career paths. They are creative, passionate people looking for clear solutions to their marriage and relationship problems. Clients include professionals, lecturers and teachers, business leaders, business owners, judges, lawyers, bankers, writers, media professionals, musicians and actors to name a few. 

My clients understand that my goal is not just to fix the problems they arrive with. I help individuals in a relationship become a team to overcome their problems together and master the art of conscious relationships, which ensures a loving and passionate life together. I offer powerful strategies for individuals and couples to become successful in their relationships and marriages.

  • You will learn to understand cycles of giving and receiving in loving relationships
  • You will improve your relational skills and learn tools to dissolve conflict. The closer you move to another person, the better you come to know yourself.
  • Couples experience renewed spirits, gain tools and motivation to develop and support the positive changes they have made. Their relationships grow in visible ways; marriages and relationships saved, trust built, communication increased.

Couples learn powerful tools to transform their relationship leading to greater intimacy and relational maturity. The process is tailored to support you as a couple in the process of change. It is recreated specifically for each couple and individual and is unique to your needs.

At first I assumed hate was the opposite of love. But it isn’t. The opposite of love is indifference’. Helen Fisher


Couples Psychotherapy | Relationship Therapy | Couples Counselling | Couples Therapy | Highgate | Crouch End  North London

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Investing in couples therapy creates good communication and connection with your partner.

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Couples Psychotherapy | Relationship Therapy | Couples Counselling | Couples Therapy | Highgate | Crouch End  North London


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  • ‘Aisha helped us through one of the most difficult times of our life. She has an incredible ability to listen to the individual and relate it to the couple. Thanks to her presence and attentiveness, she picked up on subtle but incredibly important issues, bringing to awareness and unlocking deep-rooted patterns. We feel really empowered after working with Aisha. Our marriage has a new consciousness. We are very grateful for her guidance and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone’.
  • ‘From a position of scepticism, I am converted to the power of the work that can be done in a single weekend. This work has allowed my wife and I to start on a journey that until then was completely unfeasible.’
  • ‘Prior to the intensive couples retreat weekend I recently attended with my partner I was extremely anxious about what was going to happen in this time. Within minutes of meeting Aisha I immediately felt at ease. The preparatory work we completed seemed to give Aisha a good background to our issues,  after years of battling we would never have discovered what we did with Aisha’s help. The hardest part of all this is acting on the tasks given after the course, you must both be fully committed to wanting to improve things.  I would recommend this weekend retreat to any couple.’
  • ‘What a fantastic treat for any relationship! Coming from the weekend feeling loved up, we feel even more connected and optimistic about the future. Highly recommended.’
  • ‘What an amazing way to spend a weekend; safe and supportive, great content. If you want woo woo This is NOT for you. If you want help from the heart to your heart this is a wonderful investment in you and your relationship.’
  • ‘Graham and I were blown away but what we shifted in our marriage and friendship in one weekend. Although already deeply committed to each other, we had become entrenched in some very negative behaviour patterns that we had been repeating for a long time. The opportunity to heal the emotional hurt both of us had been experiencing and take away tools to allow us to communicate differently in the future has been an amazing and totally worthwhile experience. Aisha has a brilliant balance between grounded theory and intuitive guidance, which enables deep results. Thank you so much!’