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Psychotherapy & Counselling, Retreats, Workshops for couples & Individuals

Identify & Heal Negative Relationship Patterns.

Establish solid Foundations Where Love, Appreciation, Respect, Communication, Intimacy & Support Can Thrive & Deepen.

Learn to Resolve Conflict & Manage Life’s Challenges In A Constructive And Fulfilling Way.

Discover How to Improve your Relationships

Psychotherapy & Counselling - Bringing you inner peace & Freedom

Living from the Heart helps you to transform your life and Relationships

Couples Therapy, Couples Retreats, Couples Counselling, Intensives

Psychotherapy & Counselling, Retreats, Workshops for Couples & Individuals

Life can become a painful mess when you are trapped in a Cycle of Despair and Conflict. Triggering Anger, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Addiction & Anxiety and unhelpful relationship patterns.

  • Encouragement and support is offered to help you grow and let go of what is holding you back from feeling love, happiness and success.
  • Transform your negative patterns that create emotional distress and suffering.
  • When you gain an understanding of Living from The Heart’s unique process, you can expect transformational growth in all areas of your life. 

Psychotherapy, Couples Therapy, Relationship Therapy, Individual Therapy

Private sessions & Intensives

• Improve your relationships with yourself & others

• Develop compassion to release yourself and others from suffering

• Transform unwanted cycles of behaviour & resolve unfinished business


Psychotherapy -Transforming Mind, Body & Soul

Workshops & Seminars

• Nurture & Find inner peace to balance mind & body

• Awaken & Heal into Freedom & Aliveness to ignite your passion & creativity

• Release patterns blocking you from experiencing Love, Joy & potential


UK & WORLDWIDE for couples & Individuals

Retreats & Courses

• Gain powerful and practical insights

• Align your beliefs to create relationships that thrive

• Cultivate & develop new beliefs & habits which sustain a conscious life


Build Successful Relationships

Relationship Psychotherapy & Counselling, Couples Retreats, Psychosexual Therapy

Living from The Heart UKCP reg UKAHPP Reg has over 20 years clinical experience working with couples, individuals & groups. The approach combines Eastern & Western approaches to help you gain insight and recover from conflict. Support and challenge is offered to help you build skills and develop tools to maintain and repair a loving relationship to be better equipped embark on your journey to more fulfilling life as an individual or in a couple.
Living from The Heart offers Psychotherapy, Counselling, Retreats, Couple Intensives & Workshops for Individuals & Couples to understand & Build Successful Relationships

Discover How to Improve Your Relationships