Breath a Breath of Life

Breath work is Organic Psychotherapy that gets into deep places

Breath is the master key to health and wellness a function you can learn to regulate and develop in order to improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Take a deep conscious breath Breath work stimulates natural healing of the body/mind system. Free your breathe, free your life. Opening to your breath creates a deeper connection to your authentic self specifically connecting you to the amazing love that each one of truly IS!

Breathe in a healthier, more-complete, and more-natural way; Develop an increased sense of breath awareness.

Open up the breathing spaces of your body Learn breathing and breath-related exercises to reduce excessive stress, increase vitality, and live a fuller, healthier life; Use your breath to help deal with anger, help with high blood pressure, reduce pain.

Discover the psychological and spiritual dimensions of your breath

Develop a safe, effective breathing program tailored to you own physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs

Take some time out lie down and breathe, discover yourself. Physically: relives tension; reduces stress; detoxifies; improves respiratory capacity; strengthens immune system; opens the Chakras; dissolves limiting beliefs and increases energy.

Emotionally: integrates repressed emotions & patterns, freeing you to experience new levels of love and joy.

Mentally: dissolves limiting beliefs, increases mental clarity. Peace is experienced and creativity is expanded.

Spiritually: Awareness of the connection to the divine is solidified. Many report mystical experiences of great beauty which bring insight and greater clarity into their lives by providing access to higher states of consciousness

Breath work Exercises